October 27, 2011 - Antonio Forzieri on New Malware Threats in the Cyber World

Symantec has announced the publication of its Intelligence Report for September 2011. The data shows a significant growth in the amount of malware sent by e-mail, of which approximately 72% could potentially be polymorphic malware, identified for the first time in July. At the end of July, the amount of malware sent totaled 23.7%. It then dropped to 18.5%  in August only to spike to 72%  in September. Antonio Forzieri, the Security Practice Manager, will describe the recent report in detail and provide the forecast for the next year. In terms of malware, the recent Staatstrojaner case generated an uproar in Germany because of the devastating effects that it could have on the privacy of private citizens. Nevertheless, the Diginotar case makes the problem of finding an immediate response to potential attacks on a country’s critical infrastructure a pressing issue. Francesca Bosco, Project Officer at UNICRI, will speak about the most relevant international cases and possible contrasting strategies.

Guest speakers: Antonio Forzieri (Security Practice Manager at Symantec) and Francesca Bosco – Project Officer-Emerging Crimes Unit

15.00 – Antonio Forzieri – Security Practice Manager at Symantec - Symantec Intellicence Report 2011
15.45 – Francesca Bosco – Project Officer-Emerging Crimes Unit - New challenges for Cybersecurity: Internet for Peace or for War?