The ILLBuster Experience: preventing and fighting digital crimes-Final event 2016.01.29

The ILLBuster experience represents a perfect example of a winning European collaboration around a burning issue: the Prevention of and Fight Against Crime. ILLBuster is a project funded by the  European Commission (DG-HOME), which final results were presented during the ILLBuster Final Workshop and Networking Event (January 29, Cagliari, TISCALI Auditorium premises).
The event, to which participated about 150 attendees, has started with the welcome of the project  partners (Tech and Law Center, NETCLEAN, NASK, University of Cagliari, University of Milano  Bicocca, TISCALI, DBI) which briefly described their role in the project and the relevance of  ILLBuster with respect to their core activities. During the “The ILLBuster Project Experience”,  Fabio Roli and Giuseppe Vaciago presented the project, its outcomes, and the legal and technical  lessons learned during the development of an integrated system for the semi-automatic discovery of  illegal activities over the Internet (Phishing, Malware, CSAM and Fake Online Pharmacies) such as ILLBuster.

These talks have been followed by those given by Aldona Trela (Europol EC3), Roberto Baldoni  (Director of the Italian National Cyber Security Lab), Raj Samani (Intel Security), and Marco  Morana (Svp Citigroup), which provided a feeling of how the most relevant players (law enforcement agencies, the research community, financial institutions, and the private companies)  are addressing the current cyber security and cyber intelligence issues.

During the event, the two Italian Law Enforcement involved in the project “Guardia di Finanza”  and “Polizia di Stato e delle Comunicazioni” have been awarded for the fruitful collaboration and  support provided during the two years of project duration.

The ILLBuster project has produced a video promo for the project. You can find it here.
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