What we do

Tech and Law Center (TLC) is an interdisciplinary center promoted by a group of researchers, composed of members from the Università di Milano, Università di Milano – Bicocca, Università dell’ Insubria and Politecnico di Milano.
The mission of the Center is to foster the knowledge and understanding of digital technologies and their interaction with law and society. The organisations activities will focus mainly on privacy law, Internet policies, electronic commerce, cyber law, criminal law and procedure, and many other areas of constitutional, regulatory, and business law that are affected by new technologies. TLC has developed relationships with a variety of outstanding partners from the academic and the private sector and also from public institutions as well. TLC’s involvement with various partners and people has allowed TLC to create networks with other technologically minded people, and share and develop our passion for this diverse and complex area of law.

The Center encourages networking opportunities through its seminars, conferences and projects, devoted to scholars and students interested in technology law, lawyers, public officers, industry groups, and other affected parties as they encounter the complex policy and legal issues arising in the wake of new developments in technology.
The TLC aims to participate in the European Commission’s calls for proposals with solid projects involving different parties at national and international levels. The Center will also interact with foundations interested in funding innovative approaches to cutting edge topics. TLC will endeavor to work with these foundations to encourage new dialogue on this fascinating and evolving area of law. The Center will also actively promote ‘call for papers’ on the areas of interest and produce publications on these pressing issues.