Today’s world’s societies are becoming more and more dependent on the Internet - where commercial activities, business transactions and Government services are realized. This has led to the fast development of new cyber threats and information security issues, which are exploited by new forms of cyber criminals. The increased complexity of the communications and the networking infrastructure is making investigation of cyber crimes difficult. Traces of illegal digital activities are often buried in large volumes of data, which are hard to inspect with the aim of detecting offences and collecting evidence. In this context is essential the cooperation between private and public actors to combat the increasing number of cybercrimes. The respect of technical and legal rules within this type of cooperation is quite complex: not only the law enforcement, but also all the private operators should respect standards and practices not to alter the digital evidence, which is, by nature, volatile. In the same way, the widespread use of cloud computing is generating various new legal issued related to data retention and jurisdiction.

The goal of the webinar has been to create a dialogue among jurists, computer scientists and technicians, devoted to enhance the synergy between law and technology with the inolvement of academics, students and expert.

April 3rd - Cybercrime and Cybersecurity

Francesca Bosco - Slides / Video

Alessio Pennasilico - Slides /  Video

April 10th - Digital Investigation

Davide Gabrini SlidesVideo

Davide D’Agostino - Video

April 17th - Digital Forensics and Digital Evidence

Giuseppe Dezzani e Paolo Dal Checco - Slides / Video 1 - Video 2

April 24th - Privacy and Cloud Computing

Giuseppe Vaciago - Slides / Video

Stefano Ricci - Slides / Video