Robotics and Drones

DRONES:   Drones in Domestic Surveillance Operations: Fourth Amendment Implications and Legislative Responses - Richard M. Thompson II (2013)   Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems & Journalism. Opportunities and Challenges of Drones in News Gathering. David Goldberg, Mark Corcoran, and Robert G. Picard (2013)   The Great Drone Debate - Amitai Etzioni (2013)   Drones: What […]


Cybersecurity cooperation - Defending the digital frontline: Cyber Security without Cyber War Mary Ellen O’Connell (2012) Defence In-Depth for Cyber Security with Custom Anti-Virus Signature Definition Markson Aigbodi, Karim Ouazzane, Daniel Mitchell, Vassil Vassilev


Cyber Crime: Understanding cybercrime: a guide for developing countries Marco Gercke, (ITU, 2012)

Cyberwar and Cyberterrorism

Japan attacked: can we say ‘cyber war’ now? T. Brewster (2011) 20.09.2011 What is Cyberwar? J. Carr (2011) The Rewards (and Risks) of Cyber War Coll, S. (2012) Deterrence doesn’t work in cyberspace: CCSA, AOL Defence. Freedberg S. (2012) Six Degrees of Desperation: When Defense Becomes Offense Hoff (2012) […]

Digital Forensics and Digital Evidence

Google Drive: Forensic Analysis of Cloud Storage Data Remnants IOS Anti-Forensics: How Can We Securely Conceal, Delete and Insert Data?   Digital Evidence on Mobile Devices Eoghan Casey and Benjamin Turnbull (Elsevier, 2009) Digital Evidence: A Guide to Forensics Readiness for Organisations, Security Advisers and Lawyers Peter Sommer (IAAC, 2012) Commentary: Defining […]

Cloud Computing

The Cloud Computing Workshop Open forum Accademy (March 2012) Jurisdictional Aspects of Cloud Computing Cristos Velasco San Martin, (COE, 2009)