Paper: “One Step Further in the ‘Surveillance Society’: The Case of Predictive Policing”

Paper written by our fellow Marco Mendola.

This paper is concerned with the study of predictive policing as a tool for surveillance. With regard to the European legal framework, this research studies the influence of the predictive policing model primarily on the principle of presumption of innocence (Article 6.2 ECHR) and on reasonable suspicion.
The goal is to identify if predictive policing might be used ‘preventively’ against potential perpetrators of a criminal offence, or more precisely, whether it represents an allowed policing practice given the presumption of innocence as enshrined in Article 6.2 ECHR (European Convention on Human Rights).

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This article is based on the Adv LL.M. Thesis the author submitted in fulfilment of the requirements of the Master of Laws: Advanced Studies Programme in Law and Digital Technologies degree, Leiden Law School (Leiden University).