On 26 September at 14.30 in the Aula De Donato of Politecnico of Milan, Tech and Law Center is pleased to host Damir Delija with a talk on

Digital Investigations in the Deep Web

Deep web is the name for data inaccessible by regular search engines on the Internet. The talk will focus on how it is possible to have inaccessible data on the Internet, what are consequences and how to reach, search, examine and properly handle this data. There are interesting issues related to the deep web from purely technical aspects of finding data  to legal aspects of accessing  those data.


Damir Delija is a consultant at INsig2 and is responsible for leading the Digital Forensic department. He is specialized in Guidance Software Encase Enterprise, UNIX, and network forensics. Damir is an EnCase trainer with extensive knowledge of full life cycle of Guidance forensics products (Cyber security, eDiscovery, Enterprise, FIM). He has EnCe and UFED certification as requested for digital forensic trainer, certifications in Cyber security, eDiscovery, EnScript, and various other Guidance Software products. Damir has performed various EnCase trainings for different kinds of law enforcement agencies and other clients. He has a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, and is a versatile trainer and professional forensics expert. During his professional career he dealt with ship automatization systems, administration of AIX and UNIX systems, network administration, he was an AIX system trainer, served on various development and integration of ICT systems, general IT training and consulting and currently he is a teacher on Technical College in Zagreb and College of Information Technology.

 Please contact us on twitter (@techlawcenter) to have access to streaming.