The ILLBuster Project

Tech and Law Center is partner in the newly EC funded project ILLBuster. The goal of the ILLBuster project is to provide an integrated system (ILLBuster) for the automatic discovery of illegal activities on the internet network. The system is thought to be a valuable tool to be used by LEAs in their activities of prevention of and fight against (cyber)crime. The system proposed within this project will consist of:

  • A main engine responsible for detecting and blacklisting malicious domains
  • A set of peripheral-services that will inspect web pages hosted by malicious domains looking for illegal or dangerous material.

These analysis services will detect child pornography material, malware or phishing. The resulting system will first identify malicious domains through an analysis of the DNS traffic, will then locate malicious contents hosted by these, and will finally report LEAs suspicious URLs so that the illegal ones can be easily identified.

A peculiar feature of the proposed system is that it will be “legally compliant” by design, as the legal aspects which regulates its use will be kept in mind since the early stage of its development. The ILLBuster project will have a duration of 24 months. The implementing consortium will include:

Università di Cagliari (UNICA)
Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca (UNIMIB)

The Italian Polizia Postale e delle Comunicazioni will be the LEA that will test ILLBuster during the piloting period.
Finally, the University of Georgia (US) and the Tech & Law Center will act as advisors by providing respectively technical and legal support.