Surveillance: Ambiguities & Asymmetries

April 24 - 25

The sixth biannual surveillance and society conference hosted by the University of Barcelona and supported by the surveillance studies network.


Contemporary surveillance is characterised by ambiguities and asymmetries.
Surveillance results from different desires and rationales: control, governance,
security, profit, efficiency but also care, empowerment, resistance, and play.
Furthermore it can have both positive and negative outcomes for individuals and
these may lead to intended or unintended consequences. Surveillance is never
neutral. Surveillance is always about power and that power is increasingly
asymmetric. Surveillance practices are also changing and as ‘smart’ surveillance
systems proliferate utilising and generating ‘Big Data’ new forms of ambiguity
and asymmetry arise. In this context the conference wishes to explore the
following key themes:
Smart surveillance
Democracy and surveillance
Resilience and surveillance
Cultures and histories of surveillance
Representations of Surveillance in Film/Art/Literature/Media
Surveillance and empowerment
Surveillance and human rights
Surveillance in knowledge economies
Regulating surveillance
Surveillance, privacy and data-protection
Participatory surveillance and police surveillance of online social networks
Surveillance, games and play
Theories of surveillanceEthics of surveillance
Gender and surveillance
Algorithmic surveillance
Politics and governance of surveillance
Surveillance and big data
STS approaches to surveillance
Surveillance and sports
Resistance to surveillance
Non-technological surveillance
Surveillance and mobility


April 24, 2014
April 25, 2014
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University of Barcelona Barcellona,
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